Bulk Hourly Job Inclusion

The information below describes the criteria and XML format we require to index your jobs on Hourly Jobs. Our process is simple and only subject to a monthly processing fee of $295 irrespective of the number of jobs in your feed.

Standard Format XML Feed Example:

Fields in red are required, other fields are optional but strongly encouraged:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
       <title><![CDATA[Sales Executive]]></title>
       <ref_number><![CDATA[unique alphan umeric]]></ref_number>
       <company><![CDATA[Company Name]]></company>
       <city><![CDATA[San Diego]]></city>
       <description><![CDATA[Your job description using correctly formatted HTML and information preferably 300 words or more for the best possible performance.
 Include the most eye catching information in your first 5 lines as this will be the first snippet the candidate will see when browsing jobs on Hourly Jobs ]]></description>
       <salary><![CDATA[$75K per year]]></salary>
       <jobtype><![CDATA[Single entry for job type such as temp, perm etc]]></jobtype>
       <category><![CDATA[One category description keyword or phrase]]></category>


XML Feed Requirements:

Acceptable & Fair Usage Policies:

Your feed will be disabled and your jobs will be removed from our search results without notice if you do not follow the guidelines below:

Encoding & Character Issues:

Feed Updates & Delivery: